Where do I park?

Our top parking, just off East Main St, is reserved for the Handicapped and Elderly. As you turn on toTuna Crossing to go behind the church there are two parking lots: a middle and back lot. There is designated parking in the middle parking lot beside the church for our first and second time guests. All regular attendees park in the back of the middle parking lot and the back lot.

What should I wear?

We are a “come as you are” church, so you will find most people dressed casually (Jeans, T-shirt, etc), but some dress up. Dress with what is comfortable for you.

What are the people like?

We are a warm, friendly people who are excited about all God is doing in our life and look forward tomeeting people like you! You can expect to be greeted by many people from the church.  We are not stuffy or religious. We come from all backgrounds and life experiences, so no matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done you are welcome, loved, and wanted by Jesus and our goal is to communicate that message in word and deed.

What’s the environment like?

Very casual, upbeat, and happening. There is rock music playing. There are refreshments that you can have while meeting and talking to people and you can take them in with you to the auditorium.


What do I do with my children?

They may stay with you if you prefer, or as you enter the building you can sign them in downstairs in our Children’s Ministry, which covers ages 0-12.

While you attend the adult service upstairs your children will have fun with our Children’s Ministry Staff singing, discussing a Bible topic, making crafts, playing games, having a snack, and praying.

How long is the service?

Between 60 and 70 minutes.


What’s a service like?

We start promptly at our service times (9:00am and 11:00am). Our service is fun, encouraging, and meaningful. We have rock music, brief greeting time, Intro video, a speech, Music Video, offerings, and prayer. During the music people clap, sing, sometimes raise their hands, and even cheer. We have a fun time.


What do you teach or believe?

We believe the Bible as God’s Word. We talk about what the Bible says about practical everyday life issues that we all face, both the good times and the struggles, and how we can do things God’s wayto get God’s results in every situation.

Will I be asked to do anything embarrassing?

No. You will just be one of the crowd; meeting new people, participating in the service, and listening for what God is wanting to say and do in your life.

Is there anything for my teenager?

We believe that teenagers need to mature by being around adults and learning to participate and contribute in adult activities, so during church service are a normal participant. We have teens playing in the band, running the computers, running the video cameras, helping greet and seat people.

We also recognize teens need their own time, so on Mondays at 6:00PM we have our youth ministry.

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